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What To Expect

Information & Guidelines

1. Event is free and begins on June 22, 2024 at 2:00 pm – ends at 8:00pm

2. Restrooms are located at the rear of the Amphitheater.

3. For the safety and consideration of all guests, no animals other than trained service animals are allowed at this event at Thurman Springs Park, Home of the Hardy Family Automotive Amphitheater

4. Tents, canopies, or other shade structures, including oversized umbrellas are NOT allowed at this event. As not to obstruct view of other patrons

5. No tobacco use of any kind is permitted in the park.

6. Blankets, small personal umbrellas and lawn chairs are allowed for seating inside of the park. Chairs are not allowed on the synthetic turf in the play area.

7. No rope, tape, stakes, etc. used to sec􀆟on off areas is allowed.

8. We have for purchase food vendors and beverage vendors on site to serve you. Small coolers are allowed. NO large cooler.

What else is NOT allowed at concerts and other events in the park?

a. Illegal substances. b. Glass bottles or containers.

c. Tables, tarps, and plastic ground coverings. d. Stakes, staples, or nails in the ground.

e. Drones, laser pointers, recording devices, bullhorns, or noisemakers.

f. Skateboards, bikes, or inline skates. g. Littering, gambling, loitering, or picketing.

h. Fires, open flames, charcoal/gas barbecue grills, fuel powered lanterns, camping and tailgating”.

i. Solicitation of goods and services, including pamphlets, inserts, advertising ma􀆩er, political handbills or the like, unless with permission of event organizer.

j. Personal property that is a potential hazard to others.

k. Signs or banners larger than 8.5 x 11 (the size of a standard sheet of paper) due to their potential to block other guests’ view of the performance. Signs must be appropriate and not distracting. Anything that detracts from the entertainment value of the show to other participants.

l. Drunken or unruly behavior will not be tolerated, and guests may be escorted from the park by staff personnel and/or police. You may be asked to leave the premises for failure to follow rules. Please report the problems to Powder Springs police or Powder Springs Park personnel. This list is not all inclusive, other items, not limited to this list, will be based on staff discretion and what is best for the community or the City of Powder Springs and Unity In HIStory Outreach Foundation, Inc.

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